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Check out the frequently asked questions below 

Gym Equipments

Do you offer instalments or payment plans?

Yes! The Resh4pe package can be split into monthly payments!

Do you provide macros or a meal plan?

Full meal plans, unless the client specifically requests to macro track instead.

Do you work with clients from other countries?

Yes, we work with clients worldwide.

Do you work with non-competitors?

Yes, our client-base is largely weightloss/lifestyle.

Vegan Bowl

Do you take personal food preferences/intolerances into consideration?

Absolutely. Your plan will be tailored to your food preferences & dietary requirements. You will not be expected to eat anything you dislike.

Do plans require gym access?

Both gym based and home-based workout plans are available.

Who is yearly coaching for?

This option is suitable for clients who want to lose a large amount of weight and competitive clients who would like to work with a coach during offseason. Yearly will run 1 year from the date started. 

Do you provide nutrition only plans?

Yes, please enquire for more info.

Outdoor Fitness

Can diet plans be tailored for vegans/vegetarians/


Yes, your nutrition plan will be tailored to your personal food preferences and dietary requirements.

How many times a week do I need to work out?

This is dependent on the individual. Some clients workout 4 times per week, whilst others 5&6.

How long do plans take to receive?

Between 1-2 days from receiving your completed client registration. This will vary dependant on work load. 

What is the shortest package available?

10 weeks is the shortest package that I currently provide. I believe this to be a suitable timeframe to make significant changes to your physique and start to improve habits and routine.

Are cheat meals included?

Yes weekly cheat meals are included for lifestyle clients. For competitive clients cheatmeals/refeeds are utilised only when necessary.

How do clients contact you?

Clients will have both email and WhatsApp support.

What happens if I am travelling/away?

Coaching will be paused, and resume again once you return.

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