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Meet Stefanie


Hi, I’m Stefanie

Worldwide Online Coach

I have been personal training and online coaching for 8 years and have helped thousands of women from all over the globe. I believe in promoting a balanced approach to fitness, helping women get into the best shape of their lives and improve their health and fitness without over-restrictive diets and regimes! 

I have been training for 12 years, and coaching for 8 years. I believe in practicing what I preach and try to be the best example for my clients. I am a former British champion in the trained bikini devision. Being a former athlete, I have been at the extreme end of dieting and training. Competing & fitness has taught me a great deal of discipline and confidence that I carry through to other aspects of my life. It has shown me what is achievable when you put your mind to something.

Now, my passion lies with helping others to achieve their fitness goals and become the best version of themselves.

I truly believe that one of our prime purposes in life is to help each other, and I wanted to help others, the same way that someone once helped me. When I first got into fitness and hired my own coach, having someone there to educate and guide me through the whole process made the world of difference. I was learning more about my body and pushing myself beyond what I thought was possible. It was nice to have someone behind me who believed in me, probably more than I believed in myself. And from then on I decided that was what I wanted to do. To have the same impact on peoples lives that my coach had on mine. There is something incredibly fulfilling about being a part of someones journey. Seeing my clients happier, healthier and more confident is what inspires and drives me every day. Its not just the physical transformations that I love, but the mental transformations too. When a person feels good about themselves they just have this undeniable glow about them. So for me its not just about helping  you to improve your appearance, but helping you to improve your mindset and lifestyle too. So I've made it my goal to help women around the world, achieve their own goals, and what's more fulfilling than that? 

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